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Taichung City, 424
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Roll In Farm is a family owned resort business which begins with a Taiwanese love story, our parents’ love story, about life, spirit, and courage. In the early 1990s our parents, Wu Mama and Wu Papa, immigrated to Canada in hopes of providing a better life for us, their three children Denver, Duncan, and Andrew. Not long after we arrived, our father was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Our parents returned to Taiwan for treatment, however it was too late and our father passed away. With our father’s sudden departure, he took with him all our mother’s reasons to live. With great sadness over her, she decided to remain in Taiwan. One day she ventured up the mountain and returned to a spot where she and our father once visited. While she stood here on the cliff watching the clouds rolling through the bamboo trees, overlooking the valley and the city of Taichung all the way out to the ocean, she felt a mysterious power drawing her to stay. “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens. I will give you rest. Follow My teachings and learn from Me. I am gentle and humble in heart. You will find rest for your souls. For My way of living is easy and My burdens are not heavy.”*

With this promise in her heart, she understood this is where she could find the courage she needed to heal her sorrows and renew her life. She began from scratch, finding a bit of land to buy at the very peak of the mountain. She built a little hut, connected the utilities and paved some of the paths around her. She did this all very carefully in order to not spoil the spirit which drew her here and was constantly consoling and encouraging her. Occasionally hikers would come by and see her planting trees or working in the yard. She would offer them a place to rest from their travels with the hopes they would also find a deeper rest in their soul. Eventually people started staying overnight to share in the ever-changing view with her as the clouds rolled by and the sun set, and in 1995 (or the year 84 in the Taiwanese Minguo Calendar) under the sign of the wood pig, Roll In Farm Resort and Breakfast was born.

  Over the following years the Wu Mama’s children have continued the story and have worked very hard to make Roll In Farm a place of comfort and relaxation where passers-by, who also love this mountain, can cast away the troubles that haunt them. Duncan, her middle child, upgraded the humble hut to the resort you will see today when he left his job in a 5 star hotel and returned home to care for his mother. In 2008 Denver, her oldest child, used her degree in the arts to leave her mark on the resort by personally redesigning each guest room with a different theme which reflects the spirit of the mountain and honors the nature around the resort. Andrew, her youngest child, has also returned from Canada with his family to provide daily care for the resort and with the hopes that he can raise his children closer to family and amongst the peaceful spirit of the mountains. Together the family continues Wu Mama’s legacy of respecting the mountain, honoring the nature around them and receiving the peace, healing and comfort the mountain longs to share with all those who come.

The resort name, Roll In Farm, is a loose translation to English of the Chinese characters Wu Mama named her hut and a play on the English words to “roll in” or “rolling” as in the right season daily we watch the clouds roll by through the valley. It is also a blessing that weary guests will continue to roll in. “Roll” or “Royi” literally means “as if”, or “a like” and is never used as a singular word but is always connected to another Chinese character. “In” or “En” means the diverse, greenness and biological variety that enriches nature and are the signs of new growth. “Farm” or “Pham” means the place between heaven and where we live. All together Wu Mama was trying to describe what she felt here on the mountain, a place similar to the spirit in between heaven and earth where you can find relaxation and restoration for your soul.

  May all beings be free. May all beings lay their burdens down and know peace.

* Matthew 11:29-30

Your green, peaceful days await you. Come out to Roll In Farm for an extraordinary experience that’s truly out of this world and live out a dream come true!